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Woven Into Nature

Retreat of Contact Improvisation 
Archipiélago de Chiloé | Chile

27 Dec 2019 | 3 Jan 2020



Archipielago de Chiloé | Chile

Cucao, Chonchi, Región de los Lagos

Camping  –  “Tronco de Oro” 

The Island Grande de Chiloé is the largest of the islands that make up the Chiloé archipelago, an island complex located in the Los Lagos Region, in central-southern Chile.  It’s the second largest island in South America and the natural landscape is almost entirely preserved without intervention in the Chiloé National Park. The architecture, meanwhile, becomes relevant for its “palafitos” characteristic wooden constructions, recognized as heritage by UNESCO.

Una semana de danza celebrando año nuevo en la naturaleza


Danza contemplativa – 4 dias | 4 horas total

Intensivo Leilani – 3 dias | 12 horas total

Laboratorio Naturaleza – 1 dia completo

Laboratorio con niños y adultos – 4 dias | 8 horas total

Jams – Todos los dias | 28 horas total

 The activities that frames this exploratory experience of Improvisation Contact in Nature, are designed to introduce us with simplicity and depth in the landscapes of our of movements perception and its intimate relationship with the environment. In these 8 days of meeting with our bodies we can experience several research formats, which are for practitioners with previous experience and for who wish to know for the first time this beautiful dance practice.



Revisa el cronograma AQUI!


Leilani Weis (Chile| Barcelona)

I practice, learn and teach Contact Improvisation for over 20 years. Is a source of inspiration for my artistic work and a way of reading the world and life. The practice of CI fils me with joy and satisfaction.

My work intends to open doors for the people that take my classes with awareness and discipline, with depth and fun.

I have the great fortune of constantly travel in this beautiful world to share my CI practice.

Consuelo Pacheco (Chile)

Leonardo Lambruschini (Italia)

We are moved to investigate the singular and collective state that are present when we are dancing, and the practice of CI is an opportunity to open new perceptions and reflections on our bodies.

.When we improvise, return to a basic and fundamental state of reality: be mammals  Then the question arises: when do we stop feeling mammals as a practice of existence?


Dance as a place of origin, where we can make contact with plants, insects, birds, trees and other living beings, to give the possibilities to ourselves to be crossed by the awareness of being framed with nature.


El valor de la inscripción total incluye:

Alojamiento*,  Alimentación típica de la zona chilota

con variantes vegetarianas y todas las actividades

propuestas en el programa.

*El Camping ofrece la posibilidad de dormir en carpa o cabaña.

Es ubicado en frente del hermoso Lago Huelde con arena, sin piedras.

Si deseas reservar tu vacante, te pedimos enviar correo a:
De esta manera, podrás continuar con el proceso de inscripción.

Desde el 1 de octubre

Carpa | 135.000 pesos chilenos

Cabaña | 175.000 pesos chilenos

Después del 15 de noviembre

Carpa | 150.000 pesos chilenos

Cabaña | 190.000 pesos chilenos


CordilleraVertebral Project

 The artistic project “CordilleraVertebral” is a research platform of movement and dance, which arises with the intention of generating exploration experiences in natural environments that enable expansions | deployments in the ways of feeling and thinking of the body in connection with its environment.


The realization of this project is self-managed by Consuelo Pacheco and Leonardo Lambruschini.


If you wish to have more information write to us